Wednesday Market Shopping notes

What is “Wednesday Market”?

“Wednesday Market” is open only on Wednesdays between 10am – 5pm at PRIME magazine office, where you can purchase listed products at a highly discounted rate for PRIME readers’ benefits. Each issue of PRIME will feature a list of Wednesday Market items such as health supplement, lifestyle and food products that you can use your Points to purchase. 

Address: 61 Upper Paya Lebar Rd,
Tat Wan Building

What is GP$? 
GP$ can be found in each issue of the magazine. They come in 2 denominations, 1 Point and 2 point that can be used with cash to purchase the items. Each point or GP$ is valued at $10. 

How do I use the vouchers? 
Each item in the Wednesday Market can be purchased using a combination of GP$ and cash. For example, if the items is listed as ” 2 Points + $8″, it means that the original price of the product is $28, and you can use 2 Points worth of GP$ vouchers (valued at $20) that you have collected and add $8 to purchase it. 

What are kinds of items listed in “Wednesday Market”?
Each issue of PRIME magazine will feature a different and unique list of items under Wednesday Market section of the magazine. The items may or may not repeat depending on availability and stocks of the product. The items are mainly health supplement, lifestyle and food products. Therefore do grab your Wednesday Market items while stocks last!

If the items are out of stock, will I get to purchase them in the next issue?
Wednesday Market items are unique to each issue of the magazine. The items are not repeated. However if due overwhelming response, PRIME would consider bringing in the product the next time. Please leave your name and contact number with us and we will contact you as soon as new stocks arrive!
 Download the catalogue here
*Wednesday Market items are subjected to availability and are on first-come, first-served basis.